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Andrea Ahl
Andrea Ahl Creative

6014 Bay Harbor Dr.
Louisville, KY 40228


Special Skills & Experience:
Makeup, Special FX, Hairstyling, Hair Color, Hair cutting, Wardrobe Styling, Sewing, Color expert. I am a licensed cosmetologist with over 17 years of experience and my knowledge is quite expansive in the hair and makeup field. Overall creative with a background in design and have an excellent understanding of color theory and placement. I have worked in Art Department as well.

HAIR / MAKEUP - Department Head
2018: 2018 Mayor Greg Fisher Re-election Campaign
2018: Humana 2018 Medicare Campaign
2018: NASCEND marketing videos
2018: Untitled Jonathan Scott Documentary
2017: Orphan Horse

HAIR / MAKEUP - Key Makeup Artist
2015: Roman Citizen
2015: Thanatophobia
2015: Turncoats
2014: Blackstone
2013: Where Hope Grows

HAIR / MAKEUP - Makeup Artist
2018: Becoming