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Vin Morreale
VSM Entertainment & Casting

843 River Crest Court
Louisville, KY 50206


Special Skills & Experience:
Kentucky's Largest Independent Casting Service with more than 4,500 actor database of represented and unrepresented talent. Placed more than 20,000 actors in various projects nationwide. Extras Casting for more than a dozen feature films. Principal Casting on multiple TV shows and more than 400 commercials, industrials, marketing & educational videos, features and short films.


Having Managed, Coordinated or Line Produced more than 100 commercials, marketing videos, short films and live events, in addition to three feature films, Vin has amassed a unique reputation for helping productions consistently come in ON-TIME and ON-BUDGET. Over the years, Vin has developed beneficial relationships with the area's top crew members, city and state officials, location and service providers, and can help utilize those positive contacts for your film or video production. And through it all, Vin helps foster an on-set atmosphere that is positive, efficient and relatively stress-free. Because the drama is best on-screen, never behind the scenes.


Vin has directed hundreds of commercials for small regional clients and multi-national companies, as well as marketing videos, live events and three feature films. Experienced in dramatic, comedic and documentary styles. With his background as a performer and nationally known acting teacher, Vin is known as an 'actor's director,' able to bring subtle, yet powerful performances from each member of the cast. Many actors who have appeared in film projects directed by Vin have called him one of the top directors they have worked with in their careers. And his ability to meet schedule and budget limitations, while delivering a quality production has been proven time and again.


Vin has instructed thousands of students in BURNING UP THE STAGE ACTING WORKSHOPS in cities across the country.

CASTING / TALENT - Casting Director
2015: Ruthless When Necessary
2014: Aprille/Desirae
2014: Fuji TV (Japan)
2014: The Vineyard
2010: Accidental Fortune (TLC)

CASTING / TALENT - Extras Casting Director
2015: In The Radiant City
2015: Split
2015: The Ultimate Legacy
2014: Runoff
2014: The Song

DIRECTORS - Director
2015: Act of Contrition
2014: The Vineyard
2010: In Mysterious Ways
2006: Breaking & Entering
1992: The PGA's Complete History Of Golf

PRODUCTION - Production Manager / Line Producer
2015: Lincoln In Louisville
2015: Ruthless When Necessary
2015: Victim
2014: Act of Contrition
2014: Aprille/Desirae

SCRIPT - Scriptwriter
2015: Ruthless When Necessary
2015: The Wordings
2015: Victim
2014: The Carrie Variations
2010: In Mysterious Ways