Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging
Leisa Adkins
Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging
Maysville, KY
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Special Skills & Experience

Drone company - FAA Part 107 approved drone company, fully insured. One of only a few RC/drone pioneers in North Americas with 36 yrs experience in piloting branching into an aerial cinematography company with 14 years of business. Specializing in flying with Red and Arri digital cinema cameras. Extensive closed set motion picture and television experience. Frequently recommended by both The Camera Department and Midwest Grip and Lighting in Cincinnati.


  • AVIATION - Helicopters / Aerial Photography
  • 2017: Bruce Willis Feature Film
  • 2016: ABC 20/20 Lauren Spierer Investigation
  • 2015: CBS Sports Thursday Night Football Intro
  • 2015: Jason Day Sports Documentary
  • 2015: The Layover Feature film

  • Non-Union
  • License: yes, 11414