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Ambient Sound
Steve Catfish Wilson

306 Appomattox RD
Louisville, KY 40214
Contact Information:
(502) 363-6900 Phone 1
(502) 693-4541 Mobile

Website Link
Raise The Roof Studio

Special Skills & Experience:
Studio/live production
Location Audio
Multitrack Mixing/Mastering
Audio therapy

SOUND - Location Sound Mixer
2013: Pleased To Meet Me

SOUND - Multitrack Recording Facility
2015: Jilted Muse/Misfits' Mansion. CD
2015: The Stella Vees/Don't Tell Me Your Name. CD
2014: Bubba Bradley/Save A Raft, Ride A Fat Kid. CD
2014: The KingBees/HooDoo Moon. CD

SOUND - Sound Engineer
2015: Louder Than Life Festival - FOH Mixer