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James Neat
Neat 3 Photography

Special Skills & Experience:
Strong movie/TV set etiquette. I have editing skills pertaining with Final Cut Pro 7 and some with Premiere 5. I also have camera skills that is involved with DSLR as well as learning skills to adjust to any camera that is thrown at me. I've also been a projectionist for many years having dealt with IMAX 70mm, IMAX Digital, 35 mm, and 4K Digital. I'm highly proficient with Lightroom 5 as well. Also, if you need a stills photographer for anything this as became a serious trade for me, so I can provide my services to photograph stills on set. ** Demo Reel is available upon request**

CAMERA - Camera Utility / Digital Utility
2008: Dukes of Hazard: 30 Year Reunion TV Special
2007: Conjurer - Feature

CAMERA - Director of Photography / Cinematographer
2015: United We Fall - Feature
2009: Lights of Louisville - Music Video - The Muckrakers
2008: Kerouac - Music Video - The Muckrakers

2015: 48 Hour Film Project (Louisville) - 1110
2009: Lights of Louisville - Music Video - The Muckrakers
2008: 48 Hour Film Project (Louisville) - Gravity
2007: 48 Hour Film Project (Atlanta) - One Way Ticket
2007: 48 Hour Film Project (Louisville) - Unraveled