Hunter Curry
Hunter Curry
Light Forge Productions
10005 Bunsen Way
Louisville, KY 40299
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Light Forge Productions specializes in multiple areas of pre-production, production, and post production. We specialize in producing, directing, shooting, editing, color grading, and gear rental. We are located at 10005 Bunsen Way in the 20,000 square foot complex known as The Studios at Production Commons. Clients can take advantage of the main stage that is 4,500 square foot of shooting space including a 42’ x 40’ x 16’ cyc wall that has a lighting grid or the 1,000 square foot green screen stage that is 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall. KY Grip & Lighting also operates out of this facility and can handle grip and lighting for motion pictures or highend commercials.


  • CAMERA - Assistant Camera
  • 2017: University of Kentucky Wildcats Football Regional Super Bowl Spot
  • 2016: CBSI Lexus
  • 2016: CBSI Samsung Smart Things
  • 2016: CBSI Travelers Insurance
  • CAMERA - Camera Operator
  • 2017: Todd Sharp Reality TV Show
  • 2016: Mayday Parade Black Cat Music Video
  • CAMERA - Director of Photography / Cinematographer
  • 2015: Sugar & The Hi Lows - Highroller
  • 2014: Blackstone Feature Film
  • 2014: Roman Citizen Feature Film
  • 2013: Pleased To meet me - Camera operator
  • 2010: The Lot

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