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Dynamix Productions, Inc.
Neil Kesterson

333 N Ashland Ave
Ste 120
Lexington, KY 40502

Special Skills & Experience:
Thirty years experience in sound design for national programs and commercials on television and radio, live sports broadcasts, multimedia, and remote recording. We offer ISDN, extensive SFX and music libraries, ADR, and audio-for-video post.

SOUND - ADR / Looping Services
2018: "The Crossing" on ABC-TV
2017: "War for the Planet of the Apes" Twentieth Century Fox
2015: "Mad Dogs" on Amazon
2012: "Diary of a Whimpy Kid 3" (Fox Entertainment) in theaters
2012: "Treme" on HBO

SOUND - Audio Sweetening Facilities / Services
2015: "I Remember the Old Home Well: The Lincolns in Kentucky" Sound design, post production sound
2015: UK Football TV spot for Superbowl broadcast, sound design
2014: "Kentucky Bourbon Tales" Sound design, post production sound
2013: "Impact: After the Crash" Sound design, post production sound
2013: "Sixth Man: Bluesanity" Post production sound

SOUND - Sound Mixing Facilities / Services
2015: "Fredrick's Queen" audiobook by Suzan Tisdale on Amazon/Audible
2015: "Tell Me More" live ISDN for NPR
2015: "Wild Turkey" national TV spots with distiller Jimmy Russell
2014: "All Things Considered" live/delayed ISDN for NPR
2014: "On Point" live ISDN for NPR