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Corey Dupree
103 Pleasantview St.
Lexington, KY 40508

Special Skills & Experience:
Worked with:
RED Cameras
Arri Alexa
Blackmagic Cinema Cameras
Canon DSLRs
Sony A Series
JVC HD-SD Cameras

Camera Operator:
Scotty Frys - So Long (Music Video)
Goodfellas (Spot)
Joslyn & The Sweet Compression - Honey, Be (Music Video)
Vonte - Breathe (Music Video)

1st AC:
Sweatpants Media Commercial (2018)
Joslyn & The Sweet Compression - Honey, Be (Music Video)
The Reckoning
Something Like Death

Cinematographer Experience:
Goodfellas (Spot)
Adidas (Spot)
Breathe - Vonte (Music Video)
Sweet Devil (Music Video)
We Present: Episode 9
Rebel & Religion (3rd Place in film festival)

Software Experience:
Adobe Creative Cloud
Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling
Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve

CAMERA - Assistant Camera
2018: A&W "National Root Beer Float Day 2018"
2018: Medterra "Power to Overcome"
2010: The Reckoning
2009: Something Like Death

CAMERA - Camera Operator
2018: VisitLex "From Barrel to Bottle"
2011: We Present: Episode 9
2010: Death & Jane (Short Film)
2010: Sweet Devil (Music Video) - Linda & The 8 Arrows

CAMERA - Director of Photography / Cinematographer
2017: Vonte - Breathe

PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
2015: Guilty Pleasures: "You're Baking Me Crazy" Episode
2009: Unrequited (Feature Film)