Achilles Entertainment
Joshua Waters
Achilles Entertainment
128 Trooper Island Rd
Whitely City, KY 42653
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Achilles Entertainment was founded in 2005, working primarily on wildlife documentaries with documentarian Robert Hancock. Our macro-cinematography was recognized by several festivals including the International Wildlife Film Festival. For our recent work we were just awarded two Pollie awards - essentially the Oscars of the political advertising community. We have a handful of passionate, talented artists on staff as well a diverse group of freelancers who can contribute when the need arises. We can take on a project from start to finish, or supplement your current vendor's offerings with our specialty services.

Our list of services include premium quality video production and motion graphics as well as specialty services such as 3d animation, time-lapse photography, and aerial videography. Our 3d animation offerings range from advanced motion graphics to Pixar-style character animation and visual effects. In addition to standard, "short-term" time-lapse photography, we have the ability to record the passage of time over weeks and years. We could record the rise of fall of a body of water over the course of a season, the construction of a new building, or chart the growth of an area throughout the year. Finally, we offer two tiers of aerial videography so that we can deliver outstanding production value at almost any budget. Tier one offers the ability for us to record with smaller payload cameras while tier two allows us to utilize cinema quality rigs.

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