Jeff McLeid
Jeff McLeid
Twisted Scenic
4312 Blenheim Rd
Louisville, KY 40207
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Special Skills & Experience

I've traveled the world shooting television and film, built haunted houses from California to New York, decorated/built/rigged some of the largest Christmas displays in the country (4 of USA Today's top 10 Christmas events in the U.S 2013), flown performers for special fx in theatrical productions, programmed theatrical automation systems, technical directed corporate theatre, production managed for political rallys and conventions, rigged in/on/through buildings all over the world, and production designed for theatre, live events and television/film.


  • ART - Production Designer
  • 2018: Knocked Loose
  • 2018: What I Am - Crown the Empire
  • 2017: Madness - All That Remains
  • 2016: Mortenson Dental
  • 2015: Holiday In The City Louisville
  • SCENIC / PAINT - Scenic Artist
  • 2018: Shookum Hills
  • 2013: Christmas Town (Williamsburg, VA) - Busch Gardens
  • 2013: Garden Glow (St. Louis, MO) - Missouri Botanical Gardens
  • 2013: Hallow Scream (San Antonio TX) - SeaWorld
  • 2013: SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration (San Antonio, TX) - SeaWorld

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