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Luke Voorhies
340 N 16th St
Paducah, KY 42001
Contact Information:
(270) 564-5853 Phone 1
DIRECTORS - First Assistant Director
PRODUCTION - Production Assistant

Non-Union, No Affiliations
License: N/A

Special Skills & Experience:
I have filled positions from PA all the way up to AD, I'm passionate about the arts in all forms and specifically motivated to produce quality Kentucky Films. I have worked on a number of ABC Reality shows, paid as a PA and served as a general fixer and overall problem solver on set. I have served as a Locations Scout, Acting Coach, Craft Services Coordinator; I have aided in the assembly of stage rigs, sound equipment, and lighting. My most recent position was as a permanent installment on the crew of Family Feud with Steve Harvey where I performed under high stress circumstances providing consistent work with surgical precision. I appreciate professional courtesy as well as quality production. All in all, I value my ability to adapt and overcome any exciting obstacle this challenging career presents and I look forward to bringing what I can offer to set.

DIRECTORS - First Assistant Director
2016: Quick Cab
2016: The Barn
2016: The Talk
2015: Scienstars

PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
2017: Keeping Up With The Joneses
2016: Family Feud
2016: Match Made In Heaven
2016: Sleepless
2016: Vengeance: A Love Story