Justin Stanger
Justin Stanger
Georgetown, KY
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Special Skills & Experience

Four years of media arts classes specializing in videography, certificate in digital filmmaking from BCTC Newtown.

Skills: Videography, DSLR photography, video editing (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro 5 and 10)

Work as 2nd AC/Assistant Camera in 2017:
Remnant 13 (2 episodes), Killer in Me, Incentive to Kill, The Distance Between Us, The Madman And The Top Hat

Other experience:
Noonan Syndrome corporate shoot, Georgetown College sports videographer (camera operator), WTVQ news production assistant.

Student Productions:
The Ambush - Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Editor (November 2016)
The Alarm - Camera Operator (November 2016)
Dog Remote (Advert project) - Camera Operator, Director, Writer, Editor (September 2016)
The Life And Times of Gasoline Refugee - Director, Editor (Mid-2015)
Alex And Justin's Comedy Skits - Co-director, Editor, Poster Design (2013)
Various student shorts (2011-2016) - Camera, Boom Operator, Actor, Editor, Writer


  • CAMERA - Assistant Camera
  • 2017: Incentive To Kill
  • 2017: Killer In Me
  • 2017: Remnant 13
  • 2017: The Distance Between Us
  • 2017: The Madman And The Top Hat

  • Non-Union
  • License: N/A