A Yureka Moment Production
Yureka Lancaster
A Yureka Moment Production
3303 Leith Lane, Apt 6
Louisville, KY 40218
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I have done two independent movies, a documentary and a play. I'm also working on a movie script. The independent movie was produced by someone else, but the play and movie were written by me. In 2005, I started a model agency for young women having a hard time finding work and finding themselves in trouble. The movie script is what I'm working on now. At the same time, I'm starting an export business researching other markets for manufacturing companies. The first movie was a drama entitled "Against the Grain." I played a role as a girlfriend. The documentary, which was produced by the same producer was "From the Booth to da Streets," Vol 2. The second movie, "Transit Killer," I was a mother to the murderer. The play I wrote and produced was about mental health on incarcerated youth. That one was the hardest. I really had to research the jail system and learn some things that were Hmmmm frightening. Amongst all that , I also sing. I have been singing since I was a child and I'm on a couple of demos, choirs and wrote my own lyrics. With trying to start my own business, working at a college as an Admissions Coordinator, and writing a movie script, I only sing at home. The documentary, I interviewed upcoming artist in the Louisville area while they were at the studios. I wanted to see beyond the lyrics and into the person. I realized that we all can relate even in different ways but show it with different talents. It is amazing how much talent is in this city. Just need an opportunity to express it. I also have an Associate Degree in Applied Science, concentration in Accounting. Most of my experience though has been administration work as far as education goes. Other than that, I had my own Model Agency. Like above, I do lots of research before I begin a project. That helps me to create a nice platform but with a little of imagination. I'm organized, train and work with others to get the job done.


  • ART - Backdrops
  • 2016: Team Mental Case/ "Rise, Young Generation Rise"
  • DIRECTORS - Director
  • 2017: Movie/ "Hear Them Wisper"
  • 2016: Team mental Case/ "Rise, young Generation Rise"
  • SCHOOLS - Continuing Education
  • 2016: Movie/ "Hear Them Whisper"
  • SCRIPT - Scriptwriter
  • 2016: Movie/"Here Them Whisper "
  • SOUND - Sound Recording, Studio
  • 2015: Demo's/ Chorus
  • 2013: Demo/Chorus

  • No Affiliations
  • License: N/A