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Laura Eigelbach
3205 Avacado Court
Louisville, KY 40220


Special Skills & Experience:
Hard working crew member who utilizes superior communication skills and a commitment to excellence to adapt to a variety of roles. Interest in cinematography, editing, and set design.

-Detail oriented
-History of theater work (Acting, directing, set design, stage make-up, crew member)
-Outgoing and personable
-Set and costume consistency

COSTUMES / WARDROBE - Costume Supervisor
2017: Reunion

PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
2017: Reap
2017: The Madman and the Top Hat
2016: Our Faces Change With the Sun

SCRIPT - Script Supervisor
2017: Loculo Mortis
2016: The Bed

SCRIPT - Scriptwriter
2017: The Killer in Me (currently in post-production)