Kentucky Film Group
Nicholas Klein
Kentucky Film Group
The Anchor Building
2409 Portland Ave.
Louisville, KY 40212
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The Kentucky Film Group (KFG) provides state-of-the-art post-production services for feature films, TV productions and commercials. We have the capability to provide portable on-site dailies, LTO backup and editing for all feature films. We can also meet all of your VFX and digital storage needs at our facility in Kentucky.

Kentucky Film Group (KFG) is newly established in Kentucky, but is a sister company of the Ohio Film Group (OFG) with the same ownership. OFG has a post-production track record of excellence in Ohio, with significant feature film experience, fully satisfying its clients on all productions. KFG brings the same outstanding, experienced talent and capabilities to accommodate your post-production needs.

KFG is Kentucky-centric and proud of the outstanding film location that this state has become. We are dedicated to enhancing your positive production experience in Kentucky, both in quality service and value. We want KFG to be one of the reasons you return to Kentucky in the future. We know great stories are just waiting to be told. We are here to make those stories a reality.


  • ANIMATION / VISUAL EFFECTS - Animation / Visual Effects Company
  • 2017: Arsenal
  • 2017: The Bye Bye Man
  • 2017: The Life and Death of John Gotti
  • 2016: My Blind Brother
  • 2016: My Blind Brother
  • SCREENING / DAILIES - Dailies Projectionist
  • 2017: Aftermath

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