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Derek Sepe
Sepe Sound, LLC

1324 Barret Ave Apt 3
Louisville, KY 40204


Special Skills & Experience:
Trained in the art of sound design at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. Experience in production mixing, recording, sound design, & re-recording mixing. MPSE Verna Fields Nominee for best sound design. Mentored under Steve Flick, Richard Burton, Midge Costin, Dave MacMillan, Doug Vaughan, Suhail Kaffity, Chris Jenkins, and Kenny Hall. Worked on over 30 films as a sound editor and re-recording mixer.

SOUND - Boom Operator
2017: Rust Creek
2016: Amelia's Closet
2015: Olde E
2015: Teachers

SOUND - Location Sound Mixer
2017: Star Light. The Orchard, Unt Netflix Doc, Smile, Bosom Buddies, Rust Creek, Duvall et al
2016: Rust Creek, The Plague, Jeff

SOUND - Sound Editor
2017: The Adventures of Thom Sawyer, Lalo's House, Violets, Only Humans, Wyrm, Mammoth, The Plague, The Theory of Optimal Control, Wytches
2016: Amelia's Closet, Jeff, Bobo, Ten Thousand Miles, Olde E, The Merry Maids of Madness, The Julie Stories, The Best and the Loneliest Days

SOUND - Sound Supervisor
2017: Lalo's House, The Theory of Optimal Control, Wyrm, Jeff
2017: What Lives Under the Bed

SOUND - Studio Sound Mixer
2017: Lalo's House, Wyrm, What Lives Under the Bed, Duvall et al, The Theory of Optimal Control, Wytches, The Ace
2016: Olde E, Then What Happened?, Succeeding At Life, Paya,