James Friley
James Friley
151 Constitution St
Lexington, KY 40507
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Special Skills & Experience

Decade plus in the industry, Sound Mixer since 2010.
Clients: Vice, HBO, CNBC, A&E, Lifetime, RAM Trucks, Toyota, Facebook, YMCA.

Mixers / Recorders: Sound Devices
Wireless: Lectrosonics
Mics: Sennheiser, Sanken, Tram
Timecode: Timecode Systems
IFB: Comtek, Lectrosonics
Smart Slate: Denecke

Music: idiotglee.bandcamp.com


  • SOUND - Location Sound Mixer
  • 2019: Matter Of Fact: Soledad O'Brien (FYI)
  • 2019: Toyota "Women In The Workplace" (National Ad)
  • 2018: Facebook "Thank You" (National Ad)
  • 2018: Jail Vapes (Vice News / HBO)
  • 2018: The Resurgence (SHOWTIME)

  • Non-Union
  • License: N/A