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Derby City Police Services
Jordan Settle

PO Box 197504
Louisville, KY 40219
Contact Information:
(502) 558-1904 Phone 1
(502) 558-1904 Phone 2
(502) 558-1904 Fax
(502) 558-1904 Mobile
(502) 558-1904 Pager
(502) 558-1904 Home

Police Security
RENTALS - Barricades / Traffic Safety
SECURITY - Personal Security
SECURITY - Set Security

Local Number: Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #614
License: N/A

Special Skills & Experience:
We are a company that supplies Active Law Enforcement personnel for security needs throughout the Kentucky area. We can provide uniformed or plain clothes police officers for set security and personnel security. The sworn police officers have marked and unmarked police vehicles. We can accommodate a wide range of security needs ranging from set security, traffic control, personnel escorts.