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Tora Eff
417 Belgravia Court
Louisville, KY 40108


Special Skills & Experience:
Costume designer originally from Denmark, but now based in the US. Has a background in Film, TV and Commercials both in Europe and North America.

Strong aesthetic sense and an eye for subtlety and specializes in vintage and era clothing and re mastering. Great understanding of color, textures, sizing and fit.

Experienced in modern and futuristic realistic looks, sewing, aging, distressing and needlework – supervising and organizing.

MFA in Media Studies from University of Southern Denmark.

Co-founder and creative director of ‘damsels in distraction’.

ART - Set Designer
2016: Mom and Dad

COSTUMES / WARDROBE - Costume Assistant
2017: Smoketown
2016: Rust Creek

COSTUMES / WARDROBE - Costume Designer
2017: My Teacher, My Obsession
2016: polae

COSTUMES / WARDROBE - Costume Supervisor
2017: The Art of Self Defense
2016: Auto
2016: Clovehitch