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Siena Von Knopka
Contact Information:
(510) 778-5485 Phone 1

Visual Work
COSTUMES / WARDROBE - Costume Assistant

No Affiliations
License: N/A

Special Skills & Experience:
With rigorous conceptual and researched based training, I can offer you a decisive eye for creating, sourcing, altering and breathing life into each and every piece of wardrobe. By utilizing the clothing as an additional storytelling tool, I am able to visually sculpt the character’s personality and authenticity, building dimension and character. I am skilled at patterning, draping, and sewing a wide range of fabrics (silk, leather, cotton, wool, tulle, synthetics, knit). I also have experience in light metals, sculpting, and illustrating. I am happy to work in the art department, props or production as well.

COSTUMES / WARDROBE - Costume Assistant
2016: "Addicted" Directed by Sonny Mahhli