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Anna Kline
Grits & Soul

203 Clay St.
Mount Sterling, KY 40353-1116

Contact Information:
(601) 212-7387 Phone 1
(601) 212-7387 Phone 2
(601) 212-7387 Mobile
(601) 212-7387 Home

Grits & Soul
MUSIC - Composer
MUSIC - Music Licensing / Research
PRODUCTION - Production Assistant

Non-Union, No Affiliations
License: N/A

Special Skills & Experience:

“Mississippi Roads” Television Show
“Mississippi Roads: Choctaw Journey.” Credit for story research on the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians documentary.

Cellular South Commercial
contracted as Production Assistant to Eyevox/MadGenius under the production of John Gibson, August 2009.

Prom Night in Mississippi
Music Research (August 2008)
Production Assistant (May 2009) for Director Paul Saltzman and Producer Thabi Moyo for HBO broadcast, summer 2009. Earned two film credits.

*Extensive music licensing experience: contracts for television and film.
*Songwriter and composer.
*Specialize in research and written content, interviews.
*PA experience.

Worked with the extensive song catalog at Malaco Records, specializing in contracts for television and film.

Perform live country, bluegrass, and Appalachian music with band, Grits & Soul: mandolin, guitar, and vocals.

Special Projects Manager with the Mississippi Development Authority, Division of Tourism, Bureau of Film, Music, and Cultural Heritage. With the Mississippi Film Office, I worked closely with our Mississippi crew, worked on incoming scripts for location breakdowns, as well as assigned statewide location scouting projects, and coordinated educational workshops and events.

I am also freelance researcher and writer, with an emphasis on Southern culture, arts, and food.

MUSIC - Music Licensing / Research
2010: HBO Follow Up: Prom Night in Mississippi

PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
2010: Cellular South Commercial
2010: HBO Follow Up: Prom Night in Mississippi