Dylan Bartolovich
Dylan Bartolovich
36755 Lakeland Dr.
Avon, OH
--Out of State--, -- 44011
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Special Skills & Experience

I'm a Set & Locations PA with paid on-set experience in major features, TV commercials, Reality TV & Live TV Events. I'm skilled with first team, walkies, background, Excel, and other AD duties. I'm willing to travel any distance to further my experience.


  • PRODUCTION - Associate Producer
  • 2015: Unlucky (feature)
  • PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
  • 2016: Aftermath/478 (feature)
  • 2016: Fast & Furious 8 (feature)
  • 2016: First Kill (feature)
  • 2016: Legacy (feature)
  • 2016: Little Evil (feature)

  • Non-Union
  • No Affiliations
  • License: N/A