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Lucas Staley

Contact Information:
(502) 229-0858 Phone 1

GRIP - Best Boy Grip
GRIP - Dolly Grip
GRIP - Grip
GRIP - Key Grip
GRIP - Key Rigging Grip

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
Local Number: Local 209 and Local 80
License: N/A

Special Skills & Experience:
I am trained and skilled in all aspects of the grip world. I am certified to operate all types of aerial lifts such as condors, scissor lifts, boom lifts, man lifts, etc. Extensive knowledge of rigging and set safety. They call me Rigs for a reason.

GRIP - Best Boy Grip
2014: 23 Blast

GRIP - Dolly Grip
2013: Pleased to meet me
2012: 3 Gun Nation

GRIP - Grip
2016: A Kind of Murder
2015: American Genius
2015: I am potencial
2014: AHA
2014: The Song

GRIP - Key Grip
2016: Above Suspicion aka Blood Mountain (b unit key)
2016: Mom & Dad
2016: Monumental
2016: Thanatophobia
2014: Where Hope Grows

GRIP - Key Rigging Grip
2015: Miles Ahead