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Harry Allen Casting Studio
Jenny Smith

312 S. 4th St
Suite 700
Louisville, KY 40202

Special Skills & Experience:
We have worked on many commercials local and national, PSA's, documentaries, industrial videos, tv shows, low budget/large budget films. Delivering the talent you want is our top priority. We have over 4,000 local talent, we can also help provide local crew. We also have offices in 6 other Ky locations.

CASTING / TALENT - Casting Assistant
2016: Mom and Dad
2016: Monumental

CASTING / TALENT - Casting Director
2016: Clark Memorial Hospital/Post Time Productions
2016: Lexington Clinic/Strategy Advertising
2016: Long John Silvers/Go West Creative
2016: PSA for SAMHSA/The Story Shop
2016: PSA for SAMHSA/The Story Shop

CASTING / TALENT - Talent Agency
2016: Chicago Fire
2016: Diary of A Wimpy Kid 4
2016: Life Of The Party
2016: Logan Lucky
2016: The Origionals