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Special Operations,LLC
Frank Medeiros

36 Hallsdale Dr
Louisville, KY 40220
Contact Information:
(502) 396-7312 Phone 1
(502) 963-5207 Fax
(502) 396-7312 Mobile
SECURITY - Set Security

License: yes 0140742859

Special Skills & Experience:
Provide Security, Traffic Control, Escort services to production companies on set or other locations during normal filming. Services can be provided 24/7.
Ability to provide both Sworn and Non Sworn officers in either Kentucky or Indiana. Officers can provide both marked and unmarked vehicles. If requested, medical services can also be provided by use of onsite EMT.

All traffic and site security will be permitted by local and city ordinances under the laws of KRS guidelines. Proper signage for street closures or detours can also be obtained with proper permits obtained by Production Company.

Use of emergency lights during filming on set must be approved by local city Police Departments. Any use of police uniforms or logos on vehicles must be approved by local police agency prior to any film production. Use of any officer in the filming process must also be approved by local agency Chief of Police office in writing.

SECURITY - Set Security
2016: Monumental Filming
2016: Set Security & Traffic/ Mom & Dad
2015: Set Security / Roman Citizen
2015: Set Security/ Various Local Commercials for Republic Bank,Bluegrass Cellular,Kentucky Powerball
2014: Set Security and Filming Escorts/ Tammy