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Andrei Constantinescu
Legacy Casting

103 Poppy Ln.
Mc Kinney TX
--Out of State--, -- 75070

Special Skills & Experience:
We're one of the Premier Extras Casting/Casting Companies in the country. We've cast Extras on big blockbuster films and series for major networks. We're very experienced and have a great database for extras as well as principal casting.

CASTING / TALENT - Casting Director
2015: "Money Gram" Commercial
2015: "Six Flags" Commercial
2015: "Time It Lube" Commercial
2014: "Children's Learning Adventure" Commercial
2014: "Chuck E Cheese" Music Video

CASTING / TALENT - Extras Casting Director
2016: "Broken" (ABC PILOT),"Queen of the South", "Salem","Chuck E. Cheese" Commercial
2015: "11-22-63","LBJ","Second Chance","Mama Dallas" HBO PILOT, "SALEM"
2014: "I Saw The Light", "DALLAS", "Two to Go" NBC Pilot, "Salvation" ABC Pilot
2013: "The Last Word","Dark Places","Cowgirls and Angels: Dakota's Summer","The Town That Dreaded Sundown", "DALLAS"
2012: "Olympus Has Fallen", "Ain't Them Bodies Saints", "DALLAS"