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Dakota Bragdon
5607 Kasey Way
Louisville, KY 40291

Contact Information:
(502) 210-8089 Phone 1
(502) 210-8089 Mobile
(502) 749-9757 Home
PRODUCTION - Production Assistant

No Affiliations
License: N/A

Special Skills & Experience:
Production Assistant work (2013-2014, "United We Fall" by Jon Higgins) where I assisted with lighting, camera work, sound equipment, and blocking. Western Kentucky University film student (Class of 2017). Knowledge of ENG cameras (Canon XA25), and DSLRs, basic field production knowledge. Editing knowledge (AVID and Premiere). Knowledge of animation techniques including both traditional and 3-D (software: Blender, Lightwave - minor experience).

PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
2015: United We Fall