Robert Stokley
Robert Stokley
7th East College Avenue
P.O. Box 253
Stanton, KY 40380
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Special Skills & Experience

1. The Price: Director Ric Lamonte Position: 2nd 2nd AD Orlando, Florida
2. I Hate Musicals: Director Ralph Clemente Position: 2nd 2nd AD Orlando, Florida
3. WKYT – TV Channel 27 Position: Video Tape Engineer Lexington, Kentucky
4. Associates Degree in Film Production
5. Certificate Theatre 1
6. Prop design and construction
7. Actor Film Secretariat (Reporter)
8. Certificate Theatre 2
9. Set design, lighting and construction.


  • DIRECTORS - Second Assistant Director
  • 2011: The Price
  • 2010: I hate Musicals
  • 2010: Secretariat
  • 1999: The Insider

  • Writers Guild of America (WGA)
  • Local Number: Pending
  • License: N/A