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Steel Reel Catering
Jeff Francek

3883 April Drive
Uniontown, OH
--Out of State--, -- 44685

Contact Information:
(330) 990-2956 Phone 1
(724) 757-3177 Phone 2

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Special Skills & Experience:
Steel Reel Catering has over 15 years of experience in production catering. We have done everything from feature films, to commercials, to television, to rock and roll. We strive to provide quality food using fresh local ingredients. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options provided with every meal.
We provided full service catering for all productions listed in our credits.

CATERING - Beverage Services
2015: I Am Wrath
2015: The Charnell House
2014: Criminal Activities
2014: Missing In Cleveland
2014: Outsiders

CATERING - Catering Services / Mobile Kitchen
2016: 478
2015: Dog Eat Dog
2015: Downward Dog Pilot
2015: Mother's Day
2015: The Bye Bye Man

CRAFT SERVICES - Key Craft Service
2016: Supah Ninjas-TV Series
2014: House of Cards
2014: The Chair/Hollidaysburg
2013: American Pastoral Pilot
2013: Those Who Kill