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Video Kitchen Inc
Edith Bush

2307 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 40205
Contact Information:
(502) 458-4411 Phone 1
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EDITORIAL / POST PRODUCTION - Post Production Company

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Special Skills & Experience:
Video Kitchen converts video Tapes,film and video files to ProRes,.mov, .MPEG-4, etc for editing with just about any software or uploading.
Production of videos we have done ranges from video tours for a Web site, business seminars, fund raising videos, business events, etc.
Video Kitchen also rents High Def Video Cameras, Tripods and HD Video Projectors.
We can scan and create Video slideshows for presentations or Web pages.

EDITORIAL / POST PRODUCTION - Post Production Company
2016: Pumpkin Spectacular
2015: Appalachia
2015: Blue Dog Bakery
2015: Farm to Table
2015: Red Hog Farm