MB Production Services
Morgan Raque
MB Production Services
4710 Old Forest Road
Corydon, IN
--Out of State--, -- 47112
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Special Skills & Experience

0ver 30 years experience in the entertainment industry. Live productions,stage,documentary & feature films have used our expertise in Period (early/rural Americana) projects. From supplying talent,wardrobe needs,horse wranglers,tack,costumes,props, set dressing,armorers,and Historical consulting/advice in the aforementioned areas is Our specialty! We also can coordinate your production needs in any aspect of your production, from actors,extras or cinematographers, directors, from craft services to trash cleanup, we can find & fill your needs with the best available talent in the region. We strive to eliminate the headaches/stress of the many details of a production, leaving YOU to focus on Your live/stage/t.v./film projects.


  • ART - Production Designer
  • 2015: Thunder Over Little Indian Creek
  • 2014: Hatfields & McCoys- Bad Blood
  • 2013: Legend of the Reno Brothers
  • COSTUMES / WARDROBE - Set Costumer
  • 2015: Men Go To Battle
  • 2014: Across the River
  • 2013: Legend Of The Reno Brothers.
  • 2012: A Campaign That Failed.
  • PROPS - Property Master
  • 2015: Thunder Over Indian Creek
  • 2014: Across The River
  • 2014: Hatfields & McCoys-Bad Blood
  • 2013: Legend of the Reno Brothers
  • 2012: A Campaign That Failed

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