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Marissa Hale


Special Skills & Experience:
Executive, Executive Assistant, Writer, Screenwriter, Actor, Singer, Musician, Booking Agent, Production Manager, Key Office Production Assistant, Marketing and Promotion, Location Scout, Public Relations, Tourism, Props, Film Crew, Stage Hand, Wardrobe, Make-up, Hair, Southern Kentucky Film Commission Advisory Council, Other

ASSOCIATIONS - Industry Associations
2011: Hart County Tourism Board Member
2010: MUSIC: Warrior Poetes - National and Internationally Performing and Touring Artist/Exec./Agent
2007: Extreme Makeover Home Edition - The Brown Family in CT submitted original video
2003: School of Rock with Jack Black - extra cast

CASTING / TALENT - Extras Casting Director
2017: M.O.M

FILM COMMISSIONS - Regional Film Commission
2016: Southern Kentucky Film Commission Advisory Council

LOCATIONS - Location Scout
2017: M.O.M

PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
2017: Runaway Romance
2016: An Uncommon Grace - Hallmark Channel
2013: LIGHTING Tech/Stage Hand for SKYPAC
2013: WARDROBE HEAD for SKYPAC; Warrior Poetes - costume designer, seamstress

SCRIPT - Scriptwriter
2015: American Wild, Novel - currently in Editing Mentorship with NY Times Bestselling Author
2011: American Wild, Scriptwriter - complete and ready for production