Top Dog Talent Agency
Tracy Oliver
Top Dog Talent Agency
1245 Shadow Brook Rd.
La Grange, KY 40031
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Special Skills & Experience

20 year of experience on set providing the Entertainment Industry with the most well-known animal talent in motion pictures, television and national commercials. We provide stunt coordinators as well as our own animals. We welcome the opportunity to break down your script and give you a working budget. Our resume speaks for itself “When You’re the Best You Do Things Differently.”


  • ANIMALS - Animal Coordinator
  • 2016: GIFTED
  • 2016: THE 5TH WAVE
  • ANIMALS - Handler / Trainer
  • 2016: ANT MAN
  • 2016: BAYWATCH
  • 2016: DOGGONE X-MAS
  • 2016: SCREAM 2

  • No Affiliations
  • License: N/A