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Elizabeth Hood

Contact Information:
(424) 281-9228 Phone 1
(504) 496-1625 Phone 2
ART - Art Director
ART - Set Designer
SCENIC / PAINT - Scenic Artist

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
License: N/A

Special Skills & Experience:
I am an eager young person with 2.5mil and under movie art direction and production design credits as well as scenic paint artist, stand-by artist, pre-vis/storyboard credits. I am local/ familiar with vendors, rentals, and crew in Kentucky/Ohio as my family's farm is in that area. I am talented and a good worker and would love for you to call me to talk about your production. Scenic Paint Artist, Pre-Vis/ Storyboard Artist, Art Director, Production Designer, Fine Artist, Custom Portrait painting, Laser Cutter/Engraver Operator, Digital Foreman, 3d Models/ 3d Print, Wide format printing, Custom Fixtures.

ART - Art Director
2015: 2 Bedrooms 1 Bath (credited as Set Designer)
2015: Bayou Tales
2015: My BFF (credited as PD)
2015: Reminisce
2010: Finale (Film Ultra-low, super-16mm feature, credited as Art Department)

ART - Set Designer
2015: Bayou Tales (Film 1st Tier, credited as Art Director)
2015: My BFF (Film Ultra-Low, credited as PD)
2015: Reminisce (Film Ultra, Ultra-low, credited as Art Director)
2014: 2 Bedrooms 1 Bath (Film 1st Tier, credited as Set Designer)
2010: Finale (Film Ultra-low, credited as Art Department)

SCENIC / PAINT - Scenic Artist
2015: Impact Earth (Sci-Fi, credited as Stand-by/ On-set)
2015: Into the Badlands (AMC TV Series)
2015: Laundry Day (Film Ultra, Ultra-low)
2015: Quarry (HBO TV Series)
2010: Finale (Film Ultra-low, credited as Art Department)