Elias Kleinsmith
Elias Kleinsmith
1610 Tartan Way
Louisville, KY 40205
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Special Skills & Experience

Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Audition, After Effects, Cinema 4D
Final Cut Pro, Logic
Canon DSLR experience
Multi-instrumentalist with experience composing for film
Experience with 16mm film
Flatbed 35mm Archival Scanning
Advanced level Spanish


  • CAMERA - Assistant Camera
  • 2015: In The Radian City (cinematographer - ZoĆ« White)
  • DIRECTORS - Director
  • 2015: "Pills" Music Video
  • 2014: "Paperboy" Short Film
  • PRODUCTION - Production Assistant
  • 2015: "Roman Citizen" Short Film (dir. - Luca Elmi)
  • 2015: "Thanataphobia" Short Film (dir. - Peter Dimako)
  • 2015: Papa Johns "Pizza Maker" (Grey Advertising)
  • 2015: UPS "Laos Vaccines" (Smuggler)
  • 2015: Who Do You Think You Are "Angie Harmon" (Shed Media)

  • Non-Union
  • License: N/A