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Kenneth Hayden

Contact Information:
(502) 931-5798 Phone 1
(502) 931-5798 Mobile

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Art website
CAMERA - Unit Still Photographer
PROPS - Props, Rentals / Sales

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Special Skills & Experience:
Location photography. A former newspaper photojournalist, since 1985 I've worked on assignment for many international magazines and corporations. I shoot digital exclusively.

I am also a fine art painter and have many statewide contacts with area artists and galleries. If you need paintings, sculpture, photography, murals or installation art for your production I can help.

CAMERA - Unit Still Photographer
2015: A former PJourn. guy with tons of corporate and magazine photo experience.

PROPS - Props, Rentals / Sales
2015: Fine art for set decoration. Paintings, sculpture, photography, murals, installations.