Mike Harris
Mike Harris
Storyboard Mike
305 Seminole Court
Goodlettsville TN
--Out of State--, -- 37072
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I am a storyboard artist with decades of experience in London, New York, KY and TN. I create fast, professional, affordable storyboards for film, TV & video that communicate YOUR creative concepts to clients, crew & talent. See website for samples or call to discuss a project. All my storyboards are hand-drawn and styled to reflect the 'feel' of your project.


  • ART - Storyboard Artist
  • 2015: CMT-RAM Truck co-promotion commercials
  • 2015: Craig Wayne Boyd/Nissan commercials. Dir: Shane Drake
  • 2015: Easton Corbin/RAM Truck music video & commercial. Tackle Box
  • 2015: Schneider Electrical. National TV spots. Make-It-Pop Productions
  • 2014: "Nashville" ABC-TV

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  • License: N/A